Media | Westfieldrise

Increase the visibility of your brand with targeted campaigns on a wide range of advertising media

Whether national or target group-specific. Reach your customers right there at the point of sale with our network of strategically placed advertising spaces.

Our screens are strategically located in our shopping destinations, both indoors and outdoors. Placed at entrances and exits, and distributed along the entire customer journey, they reach large numbers of customers. In addition, other non-digital advertising such as floor stickers and elevator or door stickers offer a fast temporary way to underpin strategic brand campaigns.

With our network of over 250 screens and other advertising media, we can showcase your brand to regional and audience-specific target groups right there at the point of sale. We’ll be happy to advise on booking nationwide campaigns or individual destinations or regions.

Large Format Digital

Use our exceptional screens for the perfect media domination

Digital Steles

Perfect coverage along the entire customer journey.

Non-digital advertising space

Reach your customers right where they are. Whether in the elevator, on the escalator or in the parking garage.

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