Media | Westfieldrise
  • Reach your customers using our high contact density and perfectly positioned advertising media
  • Use our network of over 250 screens and other advertising media to make a regional or target-group impact at the point of sale
  • Book nationwide campaigns, regional campaigns or individual centers

Underline your presence with targeted advertising campaigns in our shopping centers

Our extensive inventory of advertising space offers brands a broad platform for strengthening and complementing their integrated advertising campaigns.

Our screens are strategically located in our shopping centers, both indoors and outdoors. Placed at entrances and exits, and distributed along the entire customer journey, they reach large numbers of customers. In addition, other non-digital advertising such as floor stickers and elevator or door stickers offer a fast temporary way to underpin strategic brand campaigns.

With our network of over 250 screens and other advertising media, we can showcase your brand to regional and audience-specific target groups right there at the point of sale. We’ll be happy to advise on booking nationwide campaigns or individual centers or regions.

Your media opportunities in our centers

Large digital formats: Use our extraordinary screens for your perfect media appearance. One of our highlights is the UDS (unexpected digital signature) in the huge Westfield CentrO shopping mall in Oberhausen. It is Germany’s only 360° LED advertising medium for innovative brand showcasing, and also lends itself to memorable image campaigns and spectacular product launches. It consists of four curved mega-screens and a 360° LED ring right there in the mall’s central dome.

Digital totems: Whether indoors or outdoors, our numerous digital totems offer superb coverage along the customer journey. They can also be booked nationwide.

Non-digital advertising space: Reach your customers right where they are – whether they’re in the elevator, riding the escalator or strolling through the entrance.