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Team spirit, a lot of courage and Kaiserschmarrn: Our year 2021

06 | 01 | 22

Another year has passed – and what a year it was! Even though we had hoped for a different start, nothing could slow us down. On the contrary: our team became even stronger, we planned and implemented lots of unforgettable events together and even rocked the lockdown period with you. But enough talk. Here are our personal 2021 highlights:

Nathalie: For me, there were quite a few great moments in 2021 and they all had one thing in common: behind them all was an incredibly strong team that, despite the difficult circumstances, always tried to do their best for our clients and centres with an unmatched amount of motivation, fun and energy. That’s why my absolute highlight is our CP team.

Sven: I was particularly moved by the fact that Christmas markets could finally take place in and around our centres again. When the whole URW Christmas Family was finally reunited at Lights On at Westfield Centro, it was a special goosebump moment that I won’t forget in a hurry. 

Marijana: Launching a promotion in the middle of a lockdown really shows a lot of courage. That’s why the installation of the “essie” Art Cube at Düsseldorf Arcaden in February was my favourite campaign. Since drugstores were allowed to operate as usual, a partner agency that usually organises campaigns at festivals approached us with an enquiry and we were able demonstrate what is possible in difficult situations with the help of lots of creativity and flexibility.

Jessika: Special times require special measures: To make most of the lockdown, I offered our centres as a location for film shootings. The result was, among other things, the shooting of the Opel Mokka commercial at Spandau Arcaden and the film “Sun and Concrete” with Felix Lobrecht. That was an exciting experience!

Denita: What I will remember most about 2021 is the opening of the first Dyson Mall Demo Zone at Pasing Arcaden. We spent the whole year working with Dyson on this premium concept and the result was an absolute eye-catcher. The icing on the cake was the accompanying media campaign with branded columns, escalators and balustrades.

Jean-Philippe: When a brand wants to test a new concept, it’s always an exciting challenge for us. This was also the case with Germany’s first Calida pop-up store at Westfield Centro. The collaboration was super professional and working with the brand team was a lot of fun. Without question one of the highlights of the year.

Irina: There were several great moments for me: The merger with the Austrian CP team meant that our crew gained great new members, I visited two fantastic malls in Vienna and had the first Kaiserschmarrn of my life. In addition, after the rebranding of the Westfield Centro, the UDS was completely booked out in November and December – it can just keep going like this!

Lisa: Coming back to an even bigger and better team after parental leave was definitely my personal highlight. Besides, our campaign with the Vodafone slide in the Leine Center Laatzen showed how creative, open and innovative we are together – these were by far my favorite happenings.

Stefanie: At the risk of everyone saying it already: Our #dreamteam is my highlight and I am super happy to have become part of this great gang. It’s really rare to find so much openness, creativity, passion and team spirit in one place! Our visit to Vienna and experiencing the new centres and Austrian cuisine – above all Kaiserschmarrn (of course) – will also remain unforgettable.

Mustafa: Sometimes you also have to appreciate the little things – especially in a year with so many ups and downs. For me, one of those little moments of joy was the first rental of dust protection walls for advertising purposes. This shows that we always strive to offer new options to our customers.


Sofia: I only started as a trainee in the CP team at the end of October. But I won’t forget my first independent stand rental in a hurry – the campaign for the new “awa7Visa Card”  at Spandau Arcaden in December.

And 2022?

With so many great accomplishments that we were able to celebrate as a team in 2021, we are naturally kicking off the new year full of enthusiasm: finally visiting customers again, collecting ideas at trade fairs and events, discovering new brands, bringing our centres and partners in Austria and Germany even closer together and implementing many brand activations, pop-ups and digital promotions – we are very much looking forward to it all. And we hope that you are just as eager to make 2022 unforgettable as we are!

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