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Our insider tip this summer: surfing in Vienna

19 | 06 | 23

When you think of surfing hotspots, most of you probably think of Hawaii, California’s famous Malibu Beach or Portugal’s rugged Atlantic coast. But Vienna? As it happens, the City Wave has been attracting surfers to the Austrian capital since 2016. This artificial wave rolls from the end of May to the beginning of September on the multiplex terraces right outside the doors of our flagship destination Westfield Shopping City Süd, attracting tens of thousands of curious visitors each year – an ideal opportunity for brands to present themselves in a really cool location.

And so, we’re delighted to be able to offer you – with immediate effect – promotions built around this amazing summer attraction! The possibilities across this 800 sqm area are diverse and, as always, there are no limits to the imagination: a pool (with splash guards!), board racks, boards, staff clothing, tasteful furnishings in the comfortable lounge for over 200 spectators – and much more – are the stuff eye-catching brand promos are made of. Or how about an exclusive surfing session for your clients?

The City Wave is the place to be – and not just for athletes either

Top brands such as Almdudler, Blue Tomato, Kia, Magenta, Red Bull, Samsung and Visa have already been part of this unique spectacle – and thus also featured in countless media reports and social media postings by enthusiastic participants and visitors. As if the 7.5-metre-wide and up to 1.4-metre-high wave – powered entirely by green electricity – were not spectacular enough, the programme also regularly includes attention-grabbing events: the official Austrian river surfing championships, the world championships in air mattress surfing and weekly DJ sets are just some of the highlights in ‘Surfing City Süd’.

As you can see, the gang has really caught the surfing bug, and we can’t wait to implement loads of creative ideas in this amazing setting!

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