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Making the Art of Outdoor rise and shine

21 | 02 | 24

Time to say hello! We’re happy to announce a new partner (who’s actually not all that new to us): the inventor of Digital Out of Home (DOOH) and long-standing media partner of URW in the UK, Scandinavia and the Netherlands, the Ocean Outdoor Group is coming to Germany. And the expansion is set to launch in our flagship destinations, specifically in Westfield Centro and Westfield Hamburg-Überseequartier, with our other centres to follow soon.

We’re already super excited at the prospect of creating promotions incorporating Ocean’s innovative offerings. Because they truly are spectacular! Such as the HALO screens that our colleagues in Sweden launched in the Westfield Mall of Scandinavia: one of the largest DOOH installations in the world with six-sided cubes consisting of a total of 1,500 LEDs and rings with a further 280 square metres of LEDs.

Ocean planning a creative revolution

The initial promos in our brand-new retail facilities in Hamburg’s waterside Hafencity and in the Mitteldom at Westfield Centro will give a small foretaste of where this journey could ultimately take us. Ocean Outdoor Germany CEO Christopher Samsinger is already looking forward to developing such cool digital tools with us: “Ocean’s expansion into the German market will enrich the media landscape, opening up new horizons. Our investment underpins the company’s ambitions to further revolutionise premium DOOH, working in tandem with our partners.“

Ocean’s motto is “Art of Outdoor” – and not without reason either, because – like us – the Ocean team is passionate about creativity and technology. So we’re looking forward all the more to this exciting partnership. Let’s rise and shine together. Here’s to loads of unforgettable promotions!