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2023: It’s a wrap! 2024: We’re looking forward to seeing you there! | Westfieldrise
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2023: It’s a wrap! 2024: We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

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Last Christmas the party did start – it was our very first celebration as Westfield Rise.
This year we see, feel and hear – that it’s been a good one!
Our new website went live right at the start of the year, and the makeover was just right. Since then, we’ve put together countless cool promotions. There was a lot happening in our destinations, especially with beauty and automotive brands. And at our new “Makers of Moments” networking events, we succeeded in developing lots of creative ideas together with you.

The gang was constantly on the move – often treading new paths, such as our visit to the OMR. We were particularly pleased to see several new faces bringing a breath of fresh air to the team. So we’re launching into the new year full of beans!

And boy, do we have some plans: one major agenda item will be the opening of the Westfield Hamburg Überseequartier. Things are set to get all sporty with the European Soccer Championships in Germany and the Olympic Games, and we’re already really excited about implementing ideas from a wide range of brands. Also, we can hardly wait to report here on further planned developments, projects and innovations.

With this in mind, the whole gang wishes you happy holidays, a happy new year and lots of reflective Mo-ho-ho-ho-ments. We can hardly wait to launch into an exciting 2024 with freshly recharged batteries!

The Westfield Rise Gang