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The all-round MYSLF experience

  • Eye-catching pop-up store in the Mitteldom
  • Multimedia experience centred around the new fragrance
  • Accompanying media campaign for maximum attention

The saying “never change a winning team” applies not just to sports but to great brand experiences too, and that’s why, following its high-profile campaign during the summer, French luxury brand Yves Saint Laurent Beauty returned to the Mitteldom at Westfield Centro in Oberhausen. This time it’s there promoting the new MYSLF men’s fragrance at an elaborate, high-detail pop-up stand.

To say that the tall, slim black bottle with the familiar YSL logo is impossible to miss is almost an understatement, so prominently does the campaign’s amazing eye-catcher fill the central promotion area. The centrepiece of the elegant construction is complemented by stylish black-and-white motif walling. The monochrome look combines the elements of the temporary shop and creates a sophisticated ambience.

Multimedia experience brings “modern masculinity” to life

Inside the store, curious shoppers can then experience the scent of “modern masculinity”, as the brand describes its perfume. As with their last promotion, the brand is again focusing on a multimedia experience, with headphones available at the stand for visitors to listen to interviews and audio recordings of the campaign, and with a photo booth providing the perfect backdrop for spontaneous snapshots.

Female YSL fans can also enjoy a special promotion: anyone presenting proof of purchase of this floral-meets-woody fragrance will receive a mascara as a gift – after all, the name MYSLF is not merely intended to connect the word “myself” with the YSL brand name, but is also to be seen as YSL nested between the letters M and F, representing the male and the female.

Accompanying media campaign setting elegant accents

To ensure no visitor to the centre misses out on this highlight, the popular beauty brand is also making use of the various media offerings in the flagship destination, with flags, escalator branding and airtime on the UDS 360° screen flanking the guest appearance at Westfield Centro and bathing the entire Mitteldom in elegant shades of black – YSL’s signature colour.

The glamorous brand experience and media campaign, organised by L’Oréal, the umbrella brand of YSL Beauty, is set to run until 1 October 2023. The leading cosmetics company has had a presence in Westfield destinations in the past with various brands including Maybelline and Lancôme.

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