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What is a pop-up shop?

20 | 01 | 21
Key Facts
  • Temporary sales concept
  • Brand experience and employer branding
  • Seasonal sales promotion or product testing

In the retail sector, the term pop-up shop or pop-up store is on everyone’s lips. Because the more products the market offers, the more important the brand image, the Unique Selling Point (USP) and sophisticated sales concepts become. Whether you are launching new products like the sports fashion brand Barboza, expanding your product range like the cosmetics brand Lancôme, strengthening your brand like the German Armed Forces as an employer or want to move from online retailing to the shelves:  Pop-up stores make brands accessible, come alive and offer space for creativity.

But what is actually behind the term? In a nutshell: Surprise and event directly at the point of sale (POS). Because with the pop-up store concept, the name says it all. The shops suddenly appear one day and could be gone the next – they literally “pop up”. This is a temporary sales concept in which shops move into vacant sales areas or showrooms, for example in shopping centers. After a few days, a few weeks or a few months, they disappear again.

And the element of surprise is attractive. Passers-by in highly frequented malls are not only surprised by a new shop with an unusual interior or an innovative product in the shop window that catches everyone’s eye. If it has already been communicated on social media “From 01.10. to 14.10.2020 in Düsseldorf”, and the shop windows say, “Limited edition” or “Only while stocks last”, this creates a special brand image: this brand is exclusive! Because if a product is only available for a limited time, that makes it all the more desirable. This arouses the instinct to buy, which is stimulated by a rare commodity – the classic phenomenon of scarcity.

The incentive to buy is intensified by special promotions. In addition to eye-catching and unusual interior design and an extraordinary store design – everything is permitted from minimalist-simple to extravagant-luxurious – pop-up stores often offer exclusive highlights with which shopping, and events go hand in hand:

  • DIY promotions: At the Lindt Pop-up Shop, also at CentrO Oberhausen, shoppers could customise Christmas ribbon bows to experience their very own unforgettable moment with Lindt and take it home with them.
  • High-tech equipment to try out: At the Bundeswehr Pop-up Shop in the Pasing Arcaden, a flight simulator with an ejector seat proved to be a real crowd-puller, attracting many interested people to career opportunities in the Bundeswehr.
  • Meet & Greets with designers: At the Barboza pop-up shop in Ruhr Park Bochum, customers were able to meet the designers in person, giving the young brand a real identity for them.
  • Exclusive: With a pop-up store, your products stand out from the masses.
  • Interactive: You get a direct line to the customer and immediate feedback on your product.
  • Individual: Limited offers and a unique brand presentation arouse the interest of the target group.

But pop-up stores not only offer a brand experience and optimal purchase incentives, they also provide valuable information about the target group. How are collection and prices perceived by your customers? What wishes do users have? What trends are emerging? Through direct interaction with the customer, experience can be gained concerning the buyers, the market and suggestions for your products.

Do you already have ideas on how to showcase your products in a pop-up shop? We will be happy to help you find the right location in one of our centers! Do you need inspiration on how to set up your pop-up store? We’ll be happy to advise you on that too.