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Bikini Bottom in Vienna: how Goldbach Austria parties | Westfieldrise
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Bikini Bottom in Vienna: how Goldbach Austria parties

26 | 09 | 23

“Mix it, match it. The more colourful, the better” – Goldbach Austria: You got us! When invited to such a cool themed summer party, we just had to say yes, didn’t we? And so, for gang representative Jessi, it was off to Vienna at the end of August. Anticipation levels were running high – after all, we’ve been working with the agency Goldbach Deutschland for years. We were all the more curious to get to know their Austrian cousins too.

Word had already got around that they know how to party: over 800 guests from agencies, marketing, equipment companies (to name but some) headed for the Säulenhalle – the ideal venue for an exuberant get-together in the Austrian capital. In view of the jam-packed programme, it was not at all easy not to miss anything: a cartoonist, casino games, a raffle, a photo wall featuring Spongebob, an ice cream box, a flying buffet, a midnight pizza, a cocktail mix show and a whole lot more – our hosts were really pushing the boat out.

So Jessi was able to take away more than memories, in fact she really cleaned up in two respects: Besides lots of new contacts and input, especially on our Austrian destinations, she also struck it lucky and won the main prize at roulette – a brand new pair of headphones. As if that weren’t all, the cartoonist also did a very flattering drawing of her.

Indeed, it wasn’t just for Jessi that the event was a resounding success. The rest of the gang is also looking forward to what will hopefully be a load of new collaboration projects.