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Teamwork via Windows 11 at Westfield Centro

  • Parallel event with a live broadcast hook-up in Berlin
  • Participants were able to win high-quality Windows products
  • Elaborate video production for social media

For the launch of Windows 11, US tech giant Microsoft powered up its systems for four days in November 2021 at Westfield Centro in Oberhausen and Sony Center Berlin. This unusual promotion was staged to showcase the innovative features of its new operating system – first and foremost the improved communication feature that brings people together, whatever the distance between them. Visitors to the two centres had the opportunity to interact with each other via a live link-up on huge screens and were able to solve tricky tasks together – despite the great distance. This was a true first, even for the CP team.

The challenge of the Windows effect

The campaign slogan was ‘Experience the Windows effect’, and the prominently placed promotional media were also unmistakably reminiscent of the brand’s trademark tiles. Visitors became immersed in the virtual experience in the central promotion area in the mall’s Mitteldom. In the process, they themselves became the protagonists in an entertaining live game when a video call connected them to the parallel event in Berlin, where their team colleagues were already waiting. After giving the team-mates in Oberhausen and Berlin the chance to get to know each other a little on screen, the live broadcast was briefly interrupted while they had the opportunity to change their appearance by putting on sunglasses, taking off shoes or rolling up their sleeves. Those who paid close attention and noticed the changes were able to win high-quality prizes.

An additional attention-grabbing media campaign attracted numerous curious shoppers, as the 360° UDS screen in the very heart of the mall displayed an invitation far and wide to this unusual promotion. Anyone who was still hesitant to get acquainted with the new Windows software hands-on was able to put their questions to the experienced promotion team on hand.

Strong response both on and offline

To ensure the Windows effect also brings people together far away from the malls, the company captured everything on video. A camera team was on site for a whole day and recorded the best scenes for social media clips.

With so many ideas, the CP team excelled itself. For the live broadcast, the Mitteldom was equipped for the first time with a high-speed LAN connection – after all, the event relied on a secure link being in place. And the efforts paid off brilliantly: the promotion was met with a great response all round. On the Saturday alone, the ‘Windows effect’ drew around 100,000 visitors to the Westfield Centro promotion.

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