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Pico plunges people into virtual worlds

  • VR experiences right there in the mall
  • Central location right beside electronics outlets
  • Parallel promotion in three countries

Diving into a world of countless adventures while keeping one’s feet firmly in this one – all possible during a ‘virtual reality escape’ at the pop-up stand of Pico in the basement of the Riem Arcaden in Munich.

Whether it was a speakeasy with the protagonists from Netflix series ‘Peaky Blinders’ or a sporting challenge in ‘Bodycombat’ – this virtual reality initiative turned out to be a promo with no holds barred as VR company Pico unfolded an innovative seven-week campaign offering children and adults the opportunity to immerse themselves in worlds they would otherwise never have seen.

VR thrills right on site

The Pico stand was a futuristic design of glass and light-coloured materials, allowing the company to showcase its latest VR tech to best effect. The highlight of the stand was the central glass “pen” for people to try out the exciting technology. Visitors were able to get directly involved, immersing themselves in the strange, virtual worlds – yet rooted safely in the real one.

The open design of the stand, which was visible from all angles, veritably appealed to passers-by to get involved and try it all out. Anyone who wished had the opportunity to consult with the experienced on-hand promo team about these innovative products and, after a short briefing, launch into their own adventure.

Parallel promotion in three European countries

Located right opposite Saturn, one of the leading consumer electronics stores in Munich’s Riem Arcaden, the pop-up stand had a prime position, allowing tech-savvy adventurers to don headsets and VR controllers to experience their chosen VR environments and then – if they wished – to purchase the products in the store next-door.

The Pico experience, enabling visitors to immerse themselves in virtual worlds, was available in Munich and also in URW centres across Europe, including France and the UK.

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