Churros to go: Don Juan's recipe for success in the Ruhr Park

Churros to go: Don Juan’s recipe for success in the Ruhr Park

Key facts
  • Strikingly designed food truck in the Ruhr Park
  • Churros "to go"
  • Delicious vegan recipe

An unforgettable open-air shopping experience just isn’t complete without delicious street food. The original food truck from Don Juan is therefore a welcome addition to the extensive range in Bochum’s Ruhr Park. The modern shopping centre attracts 10 million visitors a year with over 150 shops and gastronomic variety. Since July 2020, they have been able to enjoy delicious churros from the chic snack truck. And thanks to a special recipe, they are even vegan. This makes the Iberian dessert made of choux pastry the ideal snack for a relaxed stroll through the diversely designed arcades.

Cult snack for relaxed shopping trips

The hand-made preparation of this delicacy, which is particularly popular in Spain, Portugal and South America, has a long tradition at Don Juan. The recipe has been passed down from generation to generation since 1945. The elongated pastry with its uniquely fluffy texture and crispy coating goes well with cinnamon and sugar and liquid chocolate for dipping. Spaniards especially like to eat “chocolate con churros” at night or early in the morning on the way home after an eventful day. The churros truck in the Ruhr Park picks up on this “to go” concept, bringing Mediterranean holiday flair right to the heart of the Ruhr.

Conveniently placed on one of the centrally located open-air promotion areas, the truck attracted numerous visitors with the aroma of the freshly prepared dessert. Especially in the summer months, many customers enjoy the nice weather while strolling through the arcades. The curiosity regarding the delicious snack was correspondingly great, a fact that even more vendors are taking advantage of: Throughout the centre, kiosks and food trucks can be found again and again with a variety of food and drinks on offer. These complement the culinary diversity of Via Bartholo, the covered food court in Ruhr Park.

Food truck parks permanently in centre

Because the crispy pastries found a lot of fans within a very short time, the summer guest performance of Don Juan was extended. With success: to this day, young and old alike enjoy the delicious vegan churros.

Of course, such attention-grabbing advertising and promotional opportunities are also available to other retailers and brands. At the Ruhr Park, you are sure to attract the attention of your target group, whether it’s events for product presentations, pop-up stores or stands for brand staging.

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