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New high-energy partnership at Westfield Centro

23 | 08 | 22

Achieving more together – adding true value – is what our brand partnerships are all about. These are long-term partnerships, usually spanning several years, in which the brand and the mall each benefit from the other. Exclusive brand exposure and cool unique events or services mean the brand remains locked into the customer’s memory for a long time.

Here’s a current example from Westfield Centro in Oberhausen where Red Bull has been offering customers a selection of its energy drinks since May. The Austrian company tapped deep into its creative talent across 25 square metres of promotional space – every inch sporting the company’s blue and silver colour scheme. Screens unmissable from afar are attracting visitors with sporty visuals and up-to-the-minute campaign images, with two vending machines supplying visitors with all the energy they’re looking for. Anyone wishing to dive even deeper into the world of Red Bull simply sits down and enjoys the moment. The promo is also being supported by an accompanying media campaign.

When Red Bull meets URW … off-the-wall is the new normal

“We’re looking forward to a lasting partnership with URW and are already planning further activities in the malls in Germany and Austria. This brand partnership is ideal for us because our marketing is always centered on uniqueness. This connection between the brand world and our own POS was what persuaded us to go for this truly unique set-up,” says Sebastian Zocher from Red Bull.

As ever, the company’s creativity knows no limits, as Marijana Prtija, Deputy Head of Media & Brand Partnerships, reveals: “Partnership collaborations have already produced the most amazing ideas: a popular Austrian holiday area that comes alive during the Christmas season, a big-name beverage maker that lends its name to the food court, and much more. The message is clear: Anything is possible!

Many years of winning brand partnerships

The focus of these collaborations is not to promote a one-off event such as a product launch. It’s more about the brands having an exceptional presence in the malls for years on end as a permanent attention-grabber. “Some of these partnerships have been in place for as long as our centres. That’s the best publicity we could wish for, isn’t it?” concludes Marijana Prtija.