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Much more than just a wall

28 | 04 | 22 Westfield Centro

What’s 18 square metres big, comes in 3 parts and draws maximum attention to your brand 380,000 times a week? That’s right – our new Mall Media Wall! Anyone who has been to Westfield Centro Oberhausen in the past few weeks cannot have missed the three XL LED screens adorning one of the expansive shopfronts. Each screen measures 1.5 by 4 metres, offering more than enough space for customised promotional messages using high-resolution moving images.

“We are pleased to be able to offer our clients in Westfield Centro this unique special format in partnership with SignYou mediascreen GmbH, which also markets the UDS,” said Marijana Prtija from the CP team. “We’re always on the lookout for exciting new promotional ideas. The Mall Media Wall not only allows us to make optimum use of free space, we’re also creating a real eye-catcher – after all, everyone instinctively looks in shop windows when passing by.”

The innovative displays are ideal for short video ads, and address visitors visually as they stroll by. During opening hours, they can be played in a loop – at 100% airtime that equates to a total of 380,000 repetitions per week. When booked exclusively by a single client, an extra 30 sqm of branding space is available.

“We are delighted to have Westfield as a partner with whom we’ve succeeded in creating a unique eye-catching advertising space for our clients, offering a lot of scope for creative special promotions. The current trend towards 3D space designs can be applied wonderfully here and achieves maximum attention, addressing the target audience at eye level,” said Dominik Engel and Jeanette Bury from SignYou mediascreen.

The medium is still available for bookings until the end of August (an extension is not ruled out, as the screens can be positioned anywhere in the mall).