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We proudly present: Westfield Rise | Westfieldrise
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We proudly present: Westfield Rise

19 | 10 | 22

Big news from the gang! We’re thrilled to present our new brand, Westfield Rise. Since October 12, we’re part of URW’s newly created in-house agency for media, brand experience and data partnerships. And that’s not all. Not only do we have a different name and a fresh look, we’ve also set ourselves ambitious goals: working with you, we want to create campaigns that are even more innovative and capitalise on all brand promotion opportunities our shopping destinations have to offer.

“Specifically for our activities in Germany and Austria, the creation of Westfield Rise is a key step,” says Nathalie Lohaus, Head of Westfield Rise in Austria & Germany. For us, this means that we’ll be focusing even more strongly on close, long-term partnerships and developing even more bespoke concepts and campaigns together with our partners – both on and offline. “This allows us to communicate the sheer diversity of partnership opportunities – such as events, installations, collaborations as well as media campaigns on digital and static advertising spaces – even more precisely, “ Nathalie is pleased to say.

Click here for a small foretaste of our new brand.

URW teams from all over Europe work together under the Westfield Rise umbrella, thus enabling clients to use the retail and media spaces in all 57 URW shopping centres in Europe – including the network of 1,700 digital screens and 170 brand experience locations as well as unlimited online promotion options. This has got to be the ideal foundation for successful marketing campaigns!

We look forward to (continuing) working with you and will of course be reporting here regularly on every progress at Westfield Rise and on all our exceptional projects. So watch this space!