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We PRoudly announce: Westfield Rise x zeron | Westfieldrise
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We PRoudly announce: Westfield Rise x zeron

19 | 06 | 24

Attention-grabbing appearances are our passion, and we really love putting our clients in the limelight, so naturally we’re really excited about a brand-new partnership: with zeron GmbH starting in June. The Düsseldorf-based owner-managed PR agency will be helping us with immediate effect to present ourselves in the best possible light in the media.

At the kick-off workshop at the end of May, M, Anna, Jessi, Lisa and Steffi got to know the zeron team and got down to brass tacks right away, looking at goals, key messages and themes for our B2B communications – all because we want to promote the unique portfolio of our 18 German and Austrian destinations more strongly to marketing decision-makers with a view to creating even more unforgettable brand experiences.

Focus on the Westfield Rise proposition

“We’re looking forward to leveraging zeron’s PR expertise to position Westfield Rise to our relevant set of brands and media buyers, getting the kind of attention our wide-ranging, unique promotional opportunities deserve,” said M, Head of Westfield Rise Austria & Germany, after the launch – which was incidentally an all-female event, given that the percentage of women at zeron is an unbelievable 100% – #womanpower!

Our new partners can hardly wait to get started either: “We’re super motivated and brimming with ideas, and are now launching into all the preparatory work to create a media platform for Westfield Rise, featuring a comprehensive package of B2B publicity measures. We’re looking forward to a great partnership with a super-friendly and highly professional team,” announced zeron founder and Managing Director Vivian Stürmann. We can only echo that and are really excited to see what cool projects emerge from the partnership.