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Meet the ‘Makers of Moments’

27 | 02 | 23

Makers of Moments – that’s what we are, even at our in-house events. And indeed, the very first “Makers of Moments – Brand & Agency Meet” with kick-off in Austria ended up being a real highlight. But let’s start from the beginning.

On 23 February, some of the gang headed to Vienna for the very first Westfield Rise client and agency networking event – at the stylish Max Brown 7th District Hotel which proved to be the perfect location with a colourful, cheerful style veritably bursting with creativity.

The event kicked off with a delicious lunch on-the-fly, but it quickly became clear that the nearly 30 participants’ were still ‘hungry’ for more, and the subsequent sessions – inspiration, insights and interactive workshops – turned out to be correspondingly productive. As well as input on the Westfield RISE vision, international trends and inspiring best cases from Team UK, there were also plenty of opportunities to engage and interact.

Creating out-of-the-ordinary opportunities together

In small groups led by our team members, the “Game Changer Workshops” then focused on developing some ideas of their own. The focus was on marketing opportunities of our flagship assets, strategic development of strong brand partnerships and a whole range of collaboration opportunities with media partners such as Gewista. Not only was it a lot of fun, but we ended up developing lots of really creative ideas. And – who knows? – maybe we’ll see some of them in one of our shopping destinations soon!

What did we like best? It’s hard to say because there were so many cool initiatives: a dedicated cinema theatre showing Westfield RISE videos, popcorn and branded cake pops, the Westfield RISE signature cocktail created especially for the event and, of course, meeting so many clients in person. We’re definitely hungry for more and are already looking forward to the next get-together in Hamburg on 16 March. Fancy coming along?

Do you want to come along to the “Makers of Moments – Brand & Agency Meet” in Hamburg on 16 March?

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