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Yves Saint Laurent presents … the scent of freedom

  • Promotion in Germany and Austria
  • Bringing it all to life with high-quality stand design
  • Generous samples

Freedom was in the air – quite literally – at this promotion! When popular luxury brand Yves Saint Laurent placed promotional stands outside Westfield Shopping City Süd in Vienna (Austria) and Westfield Centro in Oberhausen (Germany) in December 2021, suddenly the focus of attention switched to its latest perfume named “Libre” (French for ‘free’). For three full days (four in Vienna), visitors to the malls had the opportunity to be enchanted by this beautiful fragrance.

Free-standing stalls attracted gift shoppers

The special thing was that both promotions were held in the open air. The strikingly designed stands positioned on the extensive promotion areas caught people’s eyes right from the get-go, and the golden logo – a brand recognition manager’s dream – stood out clearly against the elegant black of the structures. Highly visible posters on the roof made the promotions impossible to miss.

Even when it came to the choice of location, nothing was left to chance: in the middle of the car park right outside the high-footcount No. 5 Entrance to Westfield Shopping City South and in the busy Christmas market outside Westfield Centro, the brand reigned supreme, and anyone popping in for some Viennese retail therapy or visiting Oberhausen for the pre-Christmas sights and smells simply couldn’t avoid getting a whiff of this fragrance as they went about their business.

Incidentally, this was the first time that Germany’s eager Christmas shoppers had the opportunity to see a YSL stand in Oberhausen. The top notes of “Libre”, mandarin and lavender, mingled with the wintry scent of clove and cinnamon at the Christmas market to offer an exclusive fragrance experience!

Generous samples for a popular promo

This unique product presentation proved that Yves Saint Laurent definitely has a good nose for business too, as designer devotees in Austria and Germany flocked to the stands to experience the scent of freedom, and the generous samples meant everyone was able to take some of it home with them. And for those for whom that wasn’t enough – well no problem at all: the stylish gold and black flacons were available for sale then and there.

The favourable response meant that the agency responsible, Fortes Nickel, is now planning further collaborations in URW centres –beauty fans can look forward to more memorable brand appearances!

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