Into space with Captain Picard at the Westfield Centro

Into space with Captain Picard all the way from the Westfield Centro

Key Facts
  • Truck converted into a spaceship in front of the Westfield Centro
  • Trailer for "Star Trek: Picard" in 4D
  • Special effects for an extraterrestrial cinema experience

Travelling to distant galaxies in a spaceship and fighting the Romulans at Jean-Luc Picard’s side. That is probably the dream of every Star Trek fan. At Westfield Centro Oberhausen it became reality in January 2020: on the occasion of the series premiere of “Picard” on Amazon Prime, a transformed truck “landed” on Luise-Albertz-Platz directly in front of the popular mall. Brave explorers who climbed inside through the hinged doors were able to experience their heroes’ adventures there. For an amazingly realistic experience, the 20-metre-long and 27-tonne vehicle was equipped with spectacular special effects.

Mall forecourt offers space for Starfleet

“Star Trek: Picard” is the latest series spin-off from the legendary Star Trek universe. The 10-part science fiction spectacle revolves around the protagonist Jean-Luc Picard, embodied by Patrick Steward. Throughout the entire season, the viewer follows his battle against the Romulan sect, which is trying to eradicate all artificial life forms. The star-studded intergalactic adventure has been available on Amazon’s Prime Video streaming service since the beginning of 2020. With its action-packed plot and strong characters, the imaginative world captivates young and old alike.

Visitors to the Westfield Centro were treated to an impressive sneak preview of the TV experience during the unique Amazon Prime promotion. For two days, no one could get past the giant “spaceship” directly in front of the shopping centre. It was parked in a perfect central position between the Cinestar cinema, the promenade and the entrance to the centre and was therefore the highlight for the countless passers-by. With its unusual look and the many elaborate details, it attracted both self-confessed Star Trek fans and sci-fi newcomers.

4D cinema enjoyment in a unique ambience

With so much extraterrestrial inspiration, those who wanted to see more were able to take a look inside the vehicle. Hidden there was a fully equipped 4D cinema. A stylish ambience to watch the trailer for the series. As an absolute highlight of this unique experience, the entire vehicle moved to match the images on the screen, so that the passengers had the feeling that they were really on their way to distant planets.

A galactic extravaganza with unearthly success: The first episode of Starfleet Captain Picard’s return to TV screens alone set streaming records in the USA and Germany.

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