Jochen Schweizer attracts visitors with unforgettable experiences

Ready for an adventure – Jochen Schweizer attracts visitors with unforgettable experiences

  • A permanent feature at the Höfe am Brühl for over three years
  • Modern sales stand in a central location
  • Direct sale of vouchers for attractive leisure activities

Bungee jumping, alpaca hikes or a European city getaway? If you had the desire for a bit of variety and adventure, the Jochen Schweizer stand in the Höfe am Brühl was just the right place for you. Back in October 2018, the company moved into Leipzig’s 4-star centre with a trendsetting sales stand and was an integral part of the diverse shopping range for three years until the end of October 2021. The verdict on the advertising campaign was overwhelmingly positive.

Eye-catching stand with a modern design advertises extraordinary adventures

True to the company motto “You are what you experience”, Jochen Schweizer GmbH provides its customers with unforgettable moments with its range of over 2,700 different activities. The brand, mostly active online, also strengthens its presence directly in URW centres with the help of its popular pop-up stores. The stand in the middle of the busy shopping streets near the entrances of the Höfe am Brühl gave customers the opportunity to buy vouchers for their chosen activity to experience themselves or as a gift for their loved ones.

The stand attracted a lot of attention with its modern design in the familiar corporate colours of blue and white and the clear Jochen Schweizer lettering with its high level of recognition. Appropriately placed lighting accents, digital advertising screens and a colourful display of sample vouchers and flyers invited visitors to explore. Competent experienced experts helped undecided shoppers to find the right activity directly there.

Promotion also popular in other centres

The market leader’s diverse selection of exciting gifts was very popular with visitors to the Höfe am Brühl. Especially with regard to gifts, for example during the Christmas season, the exceptional service represented an additional point of contact during the shopping spree.

It is not only in Leipzig that mall visitors can get to know the company’s leisure offers. Other Jochen Schweizer branches can also be found in many other popular URW centres, such as the Westfield Centro in Oberhausen or the Pasing Arcaden in Munich. Thanks to the successful cooperation between the company and URW, a long-term partnership has developed at varying locations. In this way, the brand will continue to attract visitors to the shopping centres with its activities well into the future.

Such attention-grabbing advertising and sales opportunities are of course also available to other companies and brands. At the Höfe am Brühl you can always attract the attention of your target group with promotional events, innovative pop-up stores or product placements.

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