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Pretty in Pink with Kylie Jenner Cosmetics at Westfield Centro

Key Facts
  • Make-up bar with 2 professional make-up artists
  • Large, stylish waiting area outside the store
  • Numerous social media photo opportunities

When Kylie Jenner does things, she does them big. Since founding her own cosmetics line in 2015, her vegan and gluten-free products have been must-haves for make-up enthusiasts everywhere. And when it comes to the latest promotion of her KYLIE cosmetics brand at Westfield Centro in Oberhausen, the business-savvy model is giving it all. With a huge outdoor store featuring lots of exciting gimmicks, the beauty brand is attracting loads of attention – and not just from ‘Team Kylie’, as the Californian influencer’s many fans refer to themselves.

Make-up, glamour and ‘Kyliefication’

As its location for this unusual campaign, the brand has chosen the event area on the Platz der Guten Hoffnung (Square of Good Hope) between the mall entrance, the food court and the adjoining leisure area. And sure enough, the pop-up store is certainly catching the eye of passers-by. If you take a look inside, you’ll find yourself in a glamorous bathroom decorated entirely in pink – with a bubble bath, washbasin, mirrors and, of course, masses of KYLIE products.

But that’is not all: the store really knows how to delight fans and make-up enthusiasts because two professional make-up artists are on hand for the event time to give visitors a “KYLIEfication” and apply make-up using products from the beauty brand. A unique photo mirror then takes them to one of their idol’s favourite places via a virtual background and shoots another photo at the same time. This is sent directly to your smartphone and can be shared with friends or on social media.

If there is a wait, the outdoor area of the store offers a chill area with comfortable seating plus music and entertainment to match the KYLIE look.

Perfect for social media

Just one more thing is needed to make even more beauty addicts aware of the influencer’s campaign, and that’s a set of cool photo locations for Instagram, TikTok, etc.! And these are available at every corner in the store, so fans can easily emulate their role model and take a photo of themselves in true Kylie style. It’s not just the unusual décor of the pop-up store that provides the perfect backdrop: selfie models can also pose at their own selfie spot with special lighting. Very much in keeping with the Kylie Jenner lifestyle.

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