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Pop-up store presents high-performance TESLA saloons

  • Pop-up store in the event area with the highest footfall
  • Tesla's Model S and Model 3 on show
  • Test drives with favourite models

Visitors to Westfield Shopping City Süd in Vösendorf near Vienna between October and December 2019 were immediately struck by the eye-catching pop-up store featuring brand-new vehicles from electric car maker TESLA. For three months, the popular car brand made its way into the Westfield SCS and thus joined the shopping centre’s broad retail offer. The American company presented two of its latest models on the ‘New York Plaza’ of Austria’s largest shopping mall. Expert advice about the environmentally friendly electric cars at the adjacent information stand and the opportunity to book test drives warmed the hearts of car enthusiasts and non-experts alike.

Cutting a modern image in an eye-catching event area

The 40 m² event area had more than enough space for this modern store. In direct proximity to Entrance 5, the busiest entrance to the shopping centre, visitor attention is guaranteed as up to 100,000 shoppers enter the state-of-the-art mall every week by this route. The classy TESLA lettering, highlighted by backlighting, immediately caught the eye – indeed the name of the Californian car maker, founded in 2003, is now world-famous and familiar to almost everyone. The vehicles positioned centre-stage in the middle of the plaza attracted the attention of visitors to this popular 4-star mall, prompting them to stop and take a closer look.

So many aspects of these mobile marvels proved inspiring. With the Model 3 and the Model S, TESLA presented two of its most popular and technically advanced vehicles in the upper class and mid-range segments. The luxury saloons with their ‘Solid Black’ and ‘Red Multi-Coat’ paintwork were available to be examined right there and then, winning the hearts and minds of brand connoisseurs and new customers alike. However, it wasn’t just the classy designs that people loved about these cars – they also struck a chord with environmentally conscious drivers. Sustainability is writ large at TESLA: the cars are fully electric and can be charged at any one of a multitude of charging stations including those installed in the parking facilities at Westfield Shopping City Süd.

TESLA fans came especially for the test drives

At the central information terminal tastefully finished in plain white, interested visitors were able to obtain competent one-to-one advice and guidance from TESLA staff – something that is not always easy away elsewhere, as the pop-up store was one of just six branches of the company in all of Austria. As well as information-gathering, customers were also able to book a test drive in their favourite model and experience for themselves the benefits of all-electric transportation. This was an opportunity that a great many visitors to the Westfield Shopping City Süd availed themselves of, and indeed many came specfically for this reason.

It goes without saying that high-profile advertising and marketing spaces are also available to other retailers and brands. Whether it’s large-scale marketing campaigns, unforgettable events or high-impact product launches: in Shopping City Süd you’re sure to get the attention of your target audience.

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