Netflix | Westfieldrise


  • Reconstruction of a "frozen" scene from the Netflix movie "6 Underground"
  • Interactive experience for customers in the Westfield CentrO central dome
  • Supporting, comprehensive media campaign

In December 2019 a promotion of Netflix’ own production “6 Underground” took place at the Westfield Centro Oberhausen. For this purpose a “frozen” scene from the Netflix Originals film was re-enacted.

Interactive customer experience

Customers were able to enjoy an interactive experience in the shopping centre’s central dome. They were able to walk through the scenery and thus immerse themselves in the film scene during their visit. Among other things, the original vehicle of the incredible car chase at the beginning of the film was displayed.

Supporting media campaign

The campaign was additionally supported by an extensive media campaign, e.g. by trailers running at the UDS (“Unexpected Digital Signature”). The UDS in the Westfield Centro is the only 360° LED advertising medium in Germany for innovative brand staging, image campaigns and spectacular product launches. It consists of four Curved Mega Screens and a 360° LED ring directly in the central dome of the Westfield Centro. The campaign was additionally supported by elevator stickers and door stickers.

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