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Successful Mall Expedition: National Geographic

Key Facts
  • Self-exploring" campaign offers a glimpse into various natural worlds
  • Impressive set-up in the well-attended Westfield Centro
  • Unique photo motifs from reports around the globe

From breathtaking mountain panoramas to enchanted forests and barren deserts. The promotion of the scientific magazine National Geographic (NatGeo) at Westfield Centro Oberhausen was quite diversified. And that in the truest sense of the word: for a whole week, visitors could immerse themselves in different natural worlds at the hexagonal “self-exploring” station – on each side of the polyhedron, a different, exciting expedition to the most remote places on earth awaited curious adventurers.

The motto of the highly visual promotional campaign was “Hostile Earth – Adapt or Die”. And the three-dimensionally designed “habitats” in the 65-square-metre set-up impressively showed what fascinating scenes nature has to offer. The scenic beauty always contrasted skilfully with inhospitable living conditions. The honeycomb-shaped construction thus reflected the enthusiasm for the untouched spots of the world that also motivates the explorers in their gripping reports – to be seen in spectacular photos and stirring documentary films.

A visually stunning excerpt from a multifaceted portfolio

In their magazine articles and books, NatGeo authors tell of natural phenomena, journeys to faraway places and encounters with indigenous peoples and wild animals. On their own pay-TV channel, viewers can also experience the adventurous tours in moving pictures. Those who feel like becoming an explorer themselves can book a holiday to an exciting destination together with the Society’s experts. They are not only interested in taking globetrotters to extraordinary destinations, they also want to promote environmental protection. Since 1888, the community has supported researchers such as Jane Goodall, who is known for her behavioural research with primates.

Brand experience for self-discovery

The eye-catching marketing campaign in the highly frequented centre in the heart of the Ruhr region succeeded in giving interested shoppers an impressive insight into the varied range of products on offer. The popular leisure and shopping centre with numerous innovative advertising options such as the 360° Infinity Display has already been the venue for a wide variety of brand presentations. NatGeo succeeded in staging the content there with audience appeal even without promoters on site. “Self-exploring” for adventurous people in the urban jungle that made them want more.

Of course, such attention-grabbing advertising and promotional opportunities are also available to other retailers and brands. Whether events for product presentation, pop-up stores or stands for brand staging: in the Westfield Centro you are sure to attract the attention of your target group.

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