MG electrifies visitors with sustainable e-cars at Westfield Centro

MG electrifies visitors with sustainable e-cars in front of Westfield Centro

  • Large outdoor set-up and display vehicles
  • Customers could book test drives
  • Door stickers drew attention to the campaign throughout the centre

The roadshow was a highlight for car lovers and the environmentally conscious alike: In September 2021, MG presented its stylish new e-car at Westfield Centro. For almost three weeks, the large outdoor stand of the electric car brand took position on Luise-Albertz-Platz in front of the popular shopping centre in Oberhausen. And it was really something worth seeing. For this reason, signs throughout the centre were used to make shoppers aware of this high-powered promotion.

New hybrid model parked in main promotion area

With its range of sustainable vehicles, the company wants to make electric mobility accessible to everyone. The promotion area directly in front of the Coca-Cola Oasis provided an attention-grabbing stage and enough space for the chic MG trailer in its eye-catching black and white design and the environmentally friendly vehicles on display. This was, by the way, not the first time that remarkable vehicles have been parked on the highly frequented square: a truck converted into a spaceship had already been parked here for the series premiere of “Picard”.

This time, MG placed its EHS Plug-in Hybrid in modern “Diamond Red” on pole position between Cinestar cinema, promenade and mall. Curious passers-by and visitors to the centre were able to take a close look at the environmentally friendly hybrid solution from both outside and inside during the campaign. If there were any questions, the competent team of consultants was on hand to answer them and provide further information. And that’s not all: if just looking at the car wasn’t enough, a test drive could be booked at one of the nearby car dealerships.

Accompanying media campaign with sticker and screen use

In order to draw even more attention to the roadshow, MG Motors also ran a media campaign in the centre, making use of numerous advertising possibilities at the Westfield Centro: eye-catching stickers on doors throughout the mall directed visitors to the Coca-Cola Oasis. There, the large LED screen provided additional presence and promoted the campaign on Luise-Albertz-Platz directly in front of the busy food court. Because of the extraordinary response, MG has already announced that it will also use the possibilities of the Westfield Centro for future on-site promotions.

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