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Fashionable clothes for little ones in cute C&A baby pop-up

  • Openly designed pop-up store presented the new C&A Baby collection
  • Exclusive goodie bags
  • Personalised gifts to take home

Little bodysuits with cute dinos, fluffy pyjamas in pastel colours, or yet tiny pairs of jeans with bear motifs – these super-cute garments are part of C&A’s new baby collection. On a tour through four German cities, the company presented the must-haves for the first time in September 2021. One stop of the C&A baby pop-up: the Westfield Centro in Oberhausen.

For two days, mums and dads could visit the lovingly decorated pop-up store directly in front of the centre and discover the high quality baby clothes. The adorable pieces from the new collection were in great demand. The best thing about it: all pieces on display were for sale and could thus move straight into the little ones’ wardrobes.

Real mums on board

The tour was accompanied by real professionals: C&A had brought along baby experts from “Echte Mamas” for the launch. The members of the largest community for mothers in German-speaking countries supported the customers on site with their knowledge and experience. After all, who knows better what children need than “Echte Mamas”? Hence, not only fashion tips but also practical tips were exchanged.

In order to draw the attention of as many parents as possible to the campaign, the fashion company had chosen a real pole position for its baby pop-up: Directly in front of the highly frequented entrance of the Oberhausen shopping paradise on Platz der Guten Hoffnung. The large C&A logo right on top of the pop-up store could not be missed either. And so the stylish shop with open shop fronts attracted numerous interested visitors. By the way, the open design had another advantage: it guaranteed free passage for prams at all times.

Personalised gifts for the nursery

And as if that wasn’t enough, the company even handed out high-quality gifts: Those who were quick could look forward to a goodie bag filled to the brim with fluffy cuddly toys and all kinds of practical and sweet products from “Echte Mamas”. But no one had to go home empty-handed: Everyone who bought one of the stylish garments from the baby pop-up received a voucher for a personalised birth poster for their nursery. With sweeping brush strokes, a professional calligrapher inscribed animal-themed posters right on the spot. In this way, everyone took home a personal memento for their own nursery.

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