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A success offline too: Dagi Bee’s “Beetique”.

Key Facts
  • Meet & Greet with YouTube star Dagi Bee
  • Presentation of the beauty products to the public in the exclusive ambience of the pop-up store
  • Increased awareness of the brand, which was previously sold online, thanks to its presence in the highly frequented mall

On YouTube, Dagi Bee regularly takes her almost four million subscribers into her likeable, glamorous everyday life. Her videos have reached more than one billion clicks. Followers love her make-up and fashion tutorials at least as much as the private insights into her life with husband Eugen, who is a successful influencer himself. In summer 2019, the web producer opened her first pop-up store in Bochum’s Ruhr Park, the “Beetique”.

Tips from the beauty professional

Fans were able to meet and greet their idol live and pick up one or two very personal beauty tips for themselves. The right products to try them out were available for purchase on the spot. The styling expert has developed her own extensive range of cosmetics and many helpful make-up tools. The eye-catching store in a central location in Germany’s largest open-air shopping centre thus became a popular meeting place for all make-up lovers in the heart of the Ruhr area.

With the combination of useful products and the celebrity brand ambassador, the store attracted a wide audience in just 10 weeks in the mall. Whether they were looking for a new lipstick or eyeshadow, basics for trends like contouring or a practical beauty bag for on the go: young and old, fashion victims and beauty addicts found what they were looking for in the stylishly designed “Beetique” and were able to experience the brand up close.

Overwhelming response

Although Dagi Bee is known to most of her followers from the internet, her brand has managed to find followers offline as well thanks to the successful and exclusive appearance at Ruhr Park. The make-up products delighted the numerous visitors to the well-attended centre and were thus able to convince a new, even larger customer base. And this with lasting effect: after the pop-up store closed its doors again, some items in the online shop were in such demand that they were temporarily out of stock.

Of course, such attention-grabbing advertising and promotional opportunities are also available to other retailers and brands. Whether it’s events for product presentations, pop-up stores or stands for brand staging: in the Ruhr Park you are sure to attract the attention of your target group.

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