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Amazfit makes a sporty appearance at Westfield Centro

  • Large-scale multimedia campaign using the promotional media in the Mitteldom
  • Targeted promotion of the new fitness products
  • Innovative hands-on promotion in the event area

At the Westfield Centro shopping mall, visitors’ heart rates were beating measurably higher from October to December last year – all thanks to a really off-the-wall promotion by Chinese tech manufacturer Amazfit. The brand specialises in wearable fitness trackers and smart watches. These intelligent gadgets help you keep an eye on your exercise and health. Visitors to Westfield Centro in the town of Oberhausen (part of Germany’s famous Ruhr conurbation) were able to see for themselves the many features packed into these trendy everyday companions when the electronics specialist took the mall by storm with an eye-catching promotion stand and a ubiquitous multimedia campaign.

Smart fitness trackers dominate the Mitteldom

In the Mitteldom, the heart of this bustling shopping mall, a truly off-the-wall practical test awaited interested visitors in the form of a large toy car racetrack. The difference was that the three racing cars did not run on electricity, but on physical power, with each car connected to an exercise bike. Amateur athletes were able to line up for bicycle races, each trying the out-pedal the others and experience first-hand what these smart fitness trackers can do. The faster each cycled, the faster their car went. The watches showed how high their pulses were racing, and how many calories they burned.

The in-mall sporting promotion was overseen by a professional trainer. Of course, participants were able to enjoy more than just a fun workout, as their efforts were also rewarded with high-quality give-aways. Prizes such as Amazfit smart watches, sports bottles, T-shirts and bags helped ensure lively participation. And for those who didn’t want to break a sweat personally, the knowledgeable promotion team at the campaign stand was on hand throughout to offer advice and guidance.

Continuing strong media presence in URW centres

To ensure no one missed this creative promo, the brand was also featured widely on the many advertising media at Westfield Centro. In fact, Amazfit and its high-tech arm adornments were veritably omnipresent – on outdoor totems, escalators, elevators (both interiors and exteriors), and on the multimedia screens in the Food Court. The brand was the dominant feature, in particular, in the Mitteldom where the mall’s unique 360° LED screen showcased the new models and was visible from afar.

The fitness watch manufacturer’s campaigns were also well received away from Oberhausen. Indeed, the brand also presented its new high-tech wearables to great effect in Cologne’s Köln Arcaden, in the Riem Arcaden in Munich and at Ruhr Park Bochum. Due to the high response, Amazfit intends to continue using the promotional services offered by URW centres, and perhaps even add long-term sales stands to the mix.

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