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A glimpse of the future with Polestar’s high-performance EVs

  • Impressive stand construction
  • Promotion lasting almost an entire year
  • Test drives with no appointment necessary

Electric. Innovative. Sustainable. That’s the best way to describe the brand of Polestar Automotive Holding. The Swedish company is paving the way to the future with its dynamic high-performance electric cars – and is showing people in Bochum what such a future could be like. With its all-electric flagship model, Polestar 2, the brand is setting its unique stall out in style at Bochum’s Ruhr Park complex, with a cube-shaped structure taking up residence as a temporary destination outside the centre’s main entrance and due to remain there until the end of June 2023. Indeed, the company is taking people into a new dimension, with structures reminiscent of a small car dealership, yet measuring just 6 by 9 metres. This looks cool and also provides enough space for the test vehicles.

Test drives for shoppers and cinema-goers

Setting up such an impressive installation and offering test drives ‘right now, right there’ presented the team with a few challenges in their choice of location. An area large enough for the stand yet close enough to the public roads is not easy to find, however Bochum’s Ruhr Park is the perfect answer with open spaces that are ideal for outdoor promotions. Weighing in at around 29 metric tons, however, the Polestar ‘Cube’ is no lightweight, but Ruhr Park management helped pinpoint a suitable location and then lent a hand with the building applications. The result is truly something to be proud of!

To ensure no one overlooks the promo despite the huge outdoor constructions, Polestar has also chosen to run extensive media campaigns, with digital totems throughout the centre drawing attention to the campaign and arousing people’s interest. In fact, the first month of the test drives prompted over 200 visitors to put these sustainable EVs through their paces.

Sommer Roadshow at Westfield Centro

As it happens, this URW centre is not Polestar’s only port of call. On its summer roadshow, the company toured various summer hotspots in German-speaking countries, and that simply had to include a stop in Oberhausen where the tour set up shop on the high-footcount Luise-Albertz-Platz outside Westfield Centro during the second half of August, enabling spontaneous test drives in Oberhausen as well!

High-profile branding in the public transport entrance to the shopping centre enabled the company to get its message to visitors not arriving by car, with the screen in the Coca Cola Oasis also playing the Polestar message.

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